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Villarreal academy program

VLVA offers a 10 Month (August-May) and 5 Month (January-May) Academy Program available for ages 5 to 18.
After tryouts, selected players are placed into teams based on their age and skill set. These academy teams then compete throughout the year within local, regional, national, and even international events. For more information on our academy program click here.


What makes us different?

There is no better place for your child to learn a European footballing philosophy than here at Villarreal Las Vegas. With our coaching staff that is continuously trained in Spain by our professional La Liga Futbol club Villarreal CF, your child will be educated on how to play soccer the correct way.

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Services included with your registration

10 / 5 month Team Registration

Once registered, your child will be placed on one of our academy teams for the entire year. Players that exceed expectations will have the chance to move up in levels, while players that are struggling will be moved down to continue their development.

Team Equipment

All Villarreal Academy teams are provided by the club with quality equipment like new balls, cones, pinnies, mini-goals, agility equipment, and more. Coaches are never asked to purchase equipment for the team.

Coaching Fees

The majority of our registration fees go directly to our coaches. Approximately 65-70% of all registration fees go to coaching salaries, coaching license payments, coaching education, and more. We treat our coaches well because they are the best.

Veo Camera Software

Using our Veo video camera software, our coaches are able to analyze our teams on a monthly basis while simultaneously using the recordings to hold Video review sessions with their teams. Furthermore, parents and players can go back and enjoy watching their awesome highlights together!

Administrative Fees

Behind our coaching staff is an amazing group of administrators that help support our coaching staff and teams on a daily basis while pushing the club forward to achieve new goals.

Field Reservations

A large portion of our registration fees goes towards reserving pristine fields during the most optimal times around the city for all of our teams.

What is Not Included?

While our monthly/annual registration fees cover all club-related expenses, there are several variable expenses that are not covered by the club. This includes league fees and tournament fees. As these vary from team to team and even player to player, Villarreal does not include these amongst our mandatory registration fees.

Uniform Purchase

All Villarreal Academy players are required to purchase our entire uniform set including Home & Away jerseys, shorts, socks, practice shirts, parka jacket, and sweatpants. Uniforms sets last on a 2 year cycle and need to be replaced every odd year with our new catalog (2021, 2023, 2025..).

For more information on our uniforms click here.

League Fees

Every academy team competes in at least 1-2 leagues per year ranging from local competitions like NSYSL to regional competitions like the USYS National League. League costs range from approximately $100-$300 per year.

Tournament Fees

Each academy team competes in around 3-6 tournaments per season. As these tournament fees range drastically from event to event, we do not include these amongst our fee structure. Tournament costs range from $60 - $120 per tournament.



Where our Children Play (WCOP) is a separate organization partnered with Villarreal Las Vegas aimed for developing children into strong athletes and confident adults is all about inspiration and experience.

By inspiring young children through coaches who are role models and can relate to them, and through positive experiences of training and competition, we create the foundation for a lifelong love of sport and staying active.

Individual Training Plan

  • performance benchmarks weekly / monthly / yearly

Physical Development & Coordination Skills

  • performance benchmarks weekly / monthly / yearly

Debunking Myths & Misconceptions Around Strength Training with Kids

  • Fundamental Movement Skill
  • Familiarize kids with gym equipment, rules, safety
  • Fundamental Movement Skill
  • Exercise Progressions

  Individual year-round nutrition program for each young athlete

  • Hydration
  • Meal Planning
  • Game Day Meal Planning
  • Post Game / Training Meal Planning
  • Fuel for Success

Our prices

Prices below are for our 10 month Academy Program from August until May

Annual Membership Fees + Registration Fees are non-refundable by contract. Monthly registration fees may be cancelled before the 1st of the month.

Mid-Season Registration

$149 / month
  • Registrations fee: $0
  • Coaching Fees Included
  • Administrative Fees Included
  • 比赛/联盟的费用不包括在内

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About Villarreal CF

Villarreal CF is a 97 years old Spanish soccer club that competes at the highest level in LaLiga and European competitions (Champions League and Europa League). The club is renowned for its style of play, possession-based soccer and its youth talent. Its soccer academy is considered to be amongst the best in the world, with the club being a top contributor to the Spanish national squad at all its youth levels from U16 to U23. The club promotes an average of 2 academy players per season to the professional team over the past decade, and half of the LaLiga squad are academy players.

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